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cientists will do anything interesting for money. - Aubrey de Grey

November 2002 - Present

Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics
University of California, Los Angeles

Provide technical and administrative support to a team of 3 researchers studying critical transitions in complex systems (nonlinear dynamics); most notably, prediction of earthquakes, elections, homicide surges, recessions and rises in unemployment rates.

  •  Research, specify, purchase, install, maintain, and support team's PCs, laptops and software. Standardized operating systems and office software to Windows XP Professional with MS Office 2002.

  • Prepare and format data for statistical analysis in MATLAB. Have used Access, Excel, and Perl to process data. Created small programs in MATLAB, Visual Basic in Access, and Perl.

  • Create figures, assist in editorial preparation, and submit research papers to scientific publications (ie. Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors; Earth, Planets and Space; Pattern Recognition).

  • Create PowerPoint presentations and assist in other document creation for Primary Investigator.

  • Currently developing a website for earthquake predictions.

  • Responsible for various administrative duties and maintaining office supplies.

May 2001 - October 2002

Certus Corporation

Undertook increasingly technical administrative roles within a healthcare consulting group which reviews government reimbursements for hospitals.

Production Coordinator / Programmer – Supported the group reviewing Disproportionate Share Hospital payments.  Coordinated data processing requests with external organizations. Processed and analyzed data using Microsoft Access and Excel.  Maintained databases, spreadsheets, and filing systems. Contributed to software development using Visual Basic in Access.

Reimbursement Coordinator (2 months) – Produced reports and performed administrative functions for the bad debt reimbursement group.


August 2000 -
Present (part time)

Branch Team Member / Digital Output Consultant
FedEx Kinko’s (Westwood and Westwood Village branches, Los Angeles)

Sell products and services, assist customers, take orders and handle payment.  Operate a wide variety of equipment such as photocopiers, printers and scanners, binding and other auxiliary machines.  Use many computer programs including Adobe Acrobat, Illustrator, PageMaker, Photoshop; Microsoft Office, Publisher; QuarkXPress; and OmniPage OCR software on both PC and Mac systems.

1998 - 2000

Senior Support Representative
Information Systems Management Corporation (IBM Global Services)

First-level computer helpdesk support: resolved problems, answered usage questions, followed escalation processes.  Often had a role in training other staff.  Also the backup technical administrator for the call center’s telecommunications equipment, including: PBX, CMS, voice mail, and phones.

(6 months) - Supported over 2000 users at Nissan locations in North America for computer hardware, software, mainframe, network and phone problems. 

(1.5 years) - Supported the national sales force of Investors Group (over 3000 users), a financial products and services company, for their hardware and software platform - laptops and desktops running Windows 95, MS Office, Exchange, other standardized software, and dial up connectivity.

1994 - 1997

Faneuil Group

Advanced through increasingly responsible positions in company’s Winnipeg call center.  This international organization is a market leader in information and customer management services. 

Operations Coordinator (8 months) – Credit Card Service Corporation, a business run by the Faneuil Group, providing credit card registration and other services to 1.5 million members.

Telecommunications Specialist (1.5 years) – Primary administrator of call center’s telecommunications equipment, including PBX, CMS, voice mail system, and 185 agent stations.

Account Representative (3 months) – Marketing campaign for FedEx, reporting on campaign results and assisting the Account Executive.

Teleservicing Representative (6 months) – Outbound and inbound calls, sales and customer service.

1991 - 1994

Catherine Booth Bible College

Provided administrative and technical support to the Academic Dean, Registrar/Director of Extension Education, and faculty. 

My responsibilities included secretarial and reception duties, managing office supplies, entering grades and generating mark statements for students, and providing computer support to faculty and staff.